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Farmers in the Australian state of Tasmania can now enhance the efficiency, productivity and sustainability of their operations and drive new revenue opportunities, courtesy of Enzen Australia’s digital reality partnership with agriculture innovator Agronomeye.

Through Virtual Tas – Enzen’s collaboration with power utility TasNetworks subsidiary 42-24 – we’ve developed a sophisticated 4D digital twin of Tasmania’s entire above-ground infrastructure and the surrounding built and natural environments using our unique Digital Reality Platform (DRP).

To drive economic growth in the state, Virtual Tas is now providing its spatial data to Agronomeye, which will use it to build digital twins of individual farms through its AgTwin™ platform.

By giving Tasmanian farmers access to dynamic digital views of their estates, AgTwin™ enables comprehensive modelling of agricultural and environmental management. Through available insights on everything from infrastructure and water to biodiversity and carbon farming projects, farmers will be able to manage their operations with greater efficiency, accuracy and long-term sustainability, while also benefiting from new revenue streams such as Australian carbon credits.

The 10-year agreement marks Virtual Tas’s first channel partnership since extending its services to the market in November. As well as enabling TasNetworks to transform its energy infrastructure development, Virtual Tas improves economic growth and community resilience by giving businesses access to the data, intelligence and analytics so they can make smarter decisions, delivering greater return on investment for the people of Tasmania.

Powering this innovative partnership is Enzen’s DRP, a cloud-based, AI-powered, unique, end-to-end geospatial solution that generates intelligent insights of utility assets and built and natural environments in real-time.

Combining spatial and IoT data with powerful analytics, the DRP can equip communities with the data they need to manage vegetation more effectively and mitigate the impact of natural disasters like bushfires and flooding.

James Bangay, Enzen's Global Leader for Digital Reality, said: "As well as enabling TasNetworks to transform the way it manages its energy infrastructure and how it interacts with the environment, Virtual Tas gives businesses ready access to the spatial data, intelligence and analytics that they otherwise could not afford. This enables smarter decisions, delivering greater return on investment for the people of Tasmania."

Dileep Viswanath, Deputy CEO of the Enzen Group and CEO of Enzen Australia, said: "As our world prepares for net zero, it’s crucial industry innovators like Enzen combine digitalisation with imaginative cross-sector partnerships to embed best-practice sustainability in communities and industry.

"Our collaboration with 42-24, TasNetworks and Agronomeye will deliver a step change for the long-term prosperity of Tasmanian agriculture, and we are honoured to be part of this exciting development.

“The utilities industry often talks about becoming more customer-centric. This is a clear demonstration of how Enzen and its partners are using innovation and collaboration to deliver real value for consumers and businesses."

Tasmanian farmers will be able to sign up for AgTwin from mid-year 2024. For more about AgTwin and Agronomeye, visit For more on Virtual Tas visit

Published: 26 Feb 2024

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