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A power distribution network has taken the first steps towards developing a framework with Enzen to digitally map its assets' location and condition, using Enzen's Aerial Solutions and Services proposition, in cooperation with Skylark Drones, an Enzen Group Company

The new projects for Enzen's Aerial Solutions and Services proposition have been commissioned by a major power distribution network in the UK. The pilot projects revolve around mapping a shaft/tunnel and a large substation as it is constructed.

The assets' location and condition will be mapped digitally, providing a baseline for a next-generation digital knowledge base. When repeated, this leads to a more cost-effective method and produces higher quality information than with current methods.

These trials are the foundation for a new digital framework. We plan for a phased rollout including advanced digital intelligence to deliver end-to-end business outcomes in the areas of capital projects, asset management and operations. Multiple Centres of Excellence will work together to achieve this full end-to-end value proposition.

The trials also re-enforce Enzen's roadmap to cover all utility assets across Enzen's geographies with engagements in Australia, India, Spain and the UK.

Published: 21 Dec 2018

Last updated: 19 May 2020

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