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Enzen and its group company NNNCo are deploying a new smart meter connectivity solution for Water Corporation to address the growing issue of water scarcity in Western Australia.

Using LoRaWAN® Internet of Things (IoT) technology, Enzen and NNNCo’s solution provides the region’s water utility with affordable, high quality network connectivity for more than 5,000 smart meters. It’s part of the largest pilot of its kind in Western Australia, which will see Water Corporation install more than 16,000 digital smart water meters at homes and businesses across Perth.

Such technology is a vital step in preserving water across Western Australia, where average rainfall has fallen by 20 per cent since the 1970s, leading to an 80 per cent reduction in dam inflows. Smart meters transmit wireless data and provide an hourly overview of water consumption, making it easy to notify customers of high or unusual water use patterns, helping identify leaks sooner and reducing billing amounts.

Dileep Viswanath, CEO of Enzen Australia, said: “Water scarcity is one of the most critical challenges facing communities in Western Australia. Our work will help create a best practice solution that will enable the utility and its consumers to manage this life essential in the most sustainable way.

"Through our unique portfolio of solutions, Enzen and NNNCo have established themselves as trusted partners for digital transformation across many utilities in Australia. We look forward to supporting them further and enabling other networks on their smart infrastructure journeys.”

Rob Zagarella, CEO of NNNCo, said: “Water Corporation is leading how water authorities will manage digital metering in the future. Through NNNCo's telecommunications carrier license and commercial agreement with Western Power, we have access to the utility’s infrastructure across their service territory in Western Australia. This means our LoRaWAN® network can be built close to Water Corporation’s smart meters, without needing to access its assets, further reducing cost.”

To find out more about this collaboration, download the press release here or contact Enzen at

Published: 18 Sep 2023

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