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To enable Australia’s utilities to make their operations more sustainable in an increasingly digitalised world, Enzen Australia has developed a new low-cost, low-code enterprise solution with TOKN, the award-winning global innovative software company.

Through TOKN’s patented Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) technology, we’ve launched ZenConnect – a customisable mobile solution that enables power, water and gas field operatives to access real-time information about network assets in a streamlined, user-friendly way.

By seamlessly assimilating data from different sources and systems, ZenConnect offers asset, customer and supply chain teams a unified experience of utility assets. Through a single interface that’s aligned to global best practices, operatives can access location, site, performance and inspection history data with ease, improving workflow management, operational efficiency and productivity in the process.

Through ZenConnect, utilities will benefit from superior data quality, more standardised, automated business systems and a more connected, empowered workforce. To learn more about ZenConnect and our partnership with TOKN, please download the press release and watch our video.

Published: 23 Feb 2023

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