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The hectic pace with which the #COVID-19 pandemic is sweeping through countries and continents is forcing governments to take drastic and swift action with the resolve to save the lives of its citizens and prevent the economy from imploding.

During this challenging time, your company too is committed to putting all possible resources to work with the nodal agencies concerned to fight against the spread and contain its severity. We at Enzen are equally committed to delivering our continued services and promised outcomes to the highest standards for our clients and suppliers – whether it be business continuity, supply or support services – just as we always have.

In every geography, and in line with the different containment scenarios of the #COVID-19 pandemic, we have put provisional measures in place to give our teams, customers and suppliers peace of mind moving forward.

We understand how Enzen operates daily can either help increase or mitigate the spread of the virus. Taking into account the recommendations of the World Health Organisation, and government guidelines in each local jurisdiction, we have taken measures to do our bit. To spearhead this initiative, we’ve created a dedicated global team to manage the increasing health and safety requirements of our employees and to support the execution of our business continuity plans.

We have put in place temporary working measures for the majority of staff in line with the recommendations in each territory from Monday March 16th 2020.

This policy, and additional preventative actions including the use of video conferencing, avoiding travel and other measures, will be employed until further notice and updated regularly according to official recommendations.

We believe that it is our responsibility as a company to contribute to the fight against the spread of COVID-19. As fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, husbands and wives, we are all members of the community. We must ensure our actions and behaviours reflect our responsibilities as human beings to the rest of society.

We want to send a message of peace, calm, encouragement and kindness to everyone as we navigate the challenges ahead. At the very least, the measures put in place across the world over this transitional period will reduce traffic and pollution, as well as increase energy savings.

Please stay safe and stay healthy during this challenging time.

Published: 17 Mar 2020

Last updated: 19 Mar 2020

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