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Enzen is a proud sponsor of the Northumbrian Water Group’s annual Innovation Festival, taking place from 8th to 12th July at Newcastle Racecourse.

To celebrate the theme of innovation, we're profiling different Enzen solutions that are helping make energy and water more accessible, affordable and sustainable for all. One of these is our Digital Twin Asset Visualisation, which improves efficiency, accuracy and quality while reducing cost.

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Northumbrian Water Group - Innovation Festival 2019

Inconsistent or incomplete

Asset maintenance can be expensive and time-consuming. Inspections aren’t always possible without outages, while disparate assets and their environments increase travel and training time as unfamiliar operatives encounter the unexpected. Moreover, data can be inconsistent or incomplete, existing in either multiple versions or in the minds of experienced operatives.

Continuous flow of information

To help networks improve the efficiency, accuracy and quality of their asset maintenance, Enzen has created a Digital Twin Asset Visualisation solution. A closely-connected coupling of a physical asset to its virtual digital copy, the Digital Twin means networks can review assets and train staff off-site while receiving a continuous flow of information in near real-time.

To find out more about our Digital Twin Asset Visualisation technology, contact Harsha Anand, our Global Head of Business Transformation, at or on +44 (0) 7735 797 451.

The NWG Innovation Festival

Running from July 8th to 12th, the Northumbrian Water Group Innovation Festival is a five-day long event that sees water industry experts gather at Newcastle Racecourse to find new ways to tackle social and environmental challenges.

The event is fun yet focused, as delegates apply problem-solving techniques like design sprints, data hacks and workshops to find new, creative ways of improving people's lives. To find out more about the event, visit

Published: 4 Jul 2019

Last updated: 5 Jul 2019

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