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A HR professional now leading Enzen Australia through its next exciting growth phase, Tara Cooper is motivated to help leave the world a better place for future generations. In the third and final of our career profiles for International Women's Day, Tara explains why curiosity and open-mindedness are the qualities she loves to cultivate in herself and others.

Tara Cooper

My professional journey

… began after graduating in Psychology at the University of South Australia. I also studied and attained professional HR certification through the Australian Human Resources Institute and developed my skills in the discipline with roles across the retail, pharmacy, agriculture and manufacturing sectors. I entered the energy industry in 2018, supporting the development of an Australian battery storage facility and establishing a new business in Japan. In 2020 I joined Enzen Australia as Head of People & Culture. In 2023, after maternity leave, my role expanded to Head of Operations and People & Culture.

I’m passionate about

… creating environments where people and business can thrive so we deliver great outcomes for our customers and our people. Coming from a Psychology and HR background, I love to listen, understand and bring together the right people to solve challenges. As a leader you need to be curious, adept at problem-solving, value diversity and nurture people who show the right talent and attitude.

I’m most proud of

… stepping out of my comfort zone in People & Culture and taking on the challenge of Head of Operations. Being a leader means you always have plenty of new things to learn about others and yourself, and that’s what’s exciting about the role. It’s been a very empowering experience, and I’m grateful our Enzen Australia CEO was so supportive of me taking on broader responsibilities when I returned from maternity leave.

My passion at work is

… leaving the world a better place for my child and future generations. The energy and water sectors are pivotal in driving the transition that is required for us to reduce the harm caused by human-induced climate change. To achieve that, we need to inspire people to believe in themselves and take creative action. Leaders have a responsibility to give people the opportunity and support they need to be the best they can be in all aspects of their lives. Meaningful work in a safe and supportive environment has such a tremendous impact on someone’s general happiness and wellbeing.

Tara Cooper - Guy Chalkley.jpg
CHANGE MAKER: Tara discusses leading high-performing teams with Guy Chalkley, CEO of Endeavour Energy

My advice to young women

… is be curious and open to new opportunities. Don’t be afraid to put your hand up to take on a new task or challenge, even if it doesn't fit in your standard job description. Don’t feel you have to stick to a particular career path based on your original goals, either. Where I am today is far different from the earlier career path I envisioned for myself. Your ambitions change as you experience new challenges and learn what is most important to you.

The most inspirational woman in my life

… is my mum. She is incredibly caring and community-minded. She raised four kids while working on a farm and as a teacher. One of my brothers has a learning disability and when he was not getting the support he needed at school, she did further study to get the skills required. Then she provided that additional support as a special education teacher for other children. She’s an inspiring example of a problem-solver and lifelong learner who shares her knowledge for the benefit of others.

Our industry can ‘inspire inclusion’ of females

… by recognising the value that people with different backgrounds and experiences can bring. We also need to challenge gender stereotypes at home and work and provide opportunities for all children to learn Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths skills at school. In the workplace, hiring people based on passion, values and willingness to learn, not just prior experience, is an essential step in the right direction. As with all things in life, a positive, open attitude is fundamental to any success.


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Published: 7 Mar 2024

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