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As Distributed Energy Resources (DER) increase, decarbonisation accelerates and disaster events become more frequent, the need for a modern, smart grid in Australia is becoming increasingly vital.

More than just a reaction to present-day energy distribution issues, the modernisation of the grid is also essential in preparing for the digital world of tomorrow and beyond.

In our latest white paper, Enzen knowledge practitioners in our Smart Energy and Water Centre of Excellence outline a five-point strategy to ensure utilities can deliver energy and value in the way 21st century consumers demand. These are:

  1. Collaboration and design
  2. Future-proofing smart grids
  3. Connection of an IoT framework
  4. Integration with Distributed Energy Networks
  5. Natural disaster mitigation

To capitalise on the benefits of a smarter grid, the approach taken by utilities must be holistic and integrated. By combining strategy, innovation and robust delivery, utilities can draw maximum benefits for themselves and their customers.

In doing so, Australian utilities will be well placed to navigate decarbonisation and decentralisation challenges in a digital future with ease.

You can download our white paper for free by completing the form below.

Published: 16 Mar 2022

Last updated: 5 Apr 2022