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Through its pioneering digital services, MX Reality helps companies boost productivity and lower costs by improving diagnostic accuracy and efficiency, and enabling the effective operation and maintenance of complex industrial equipment.

Founded in the UK in 2019, MX Reality Limited is an exciting, innovative, hi-tech, forward-looking company. It specialises in developing advanced Mixed Reality solutions and platforms based on Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

MX Reality is built on the strength of a team of world-renowned experts who have personal experience in growing scalable and profitable businesses. The founding members and core of the MX Reality team have a solid reputation, successfully building a multi-million-pound VR business before it was acquired by a global FTSE 100 organisation.

Example solutions include the visual fault diagnostic system, which delivers a rapid development toolkit based on AI. The system intelligently identifies components like switches, valves, cabling, pipework, burners and relays, based on photographic references of the real-world equipment.

It then applies virtual equivalents visualised through smartphones, laptops, tablets and AR glasses / goggles, allowing the operators or technicians to be guided through fault-finding, repair and the operation of equipment.

Elsewhere, MX Reality can provide Business Information Modelling visualisation, which uses enhanced 3D CAD files to create immersive visual experiences. By effectively mapping a digital twin to its real-world equivalent, users can explore and analyse designs and structures from a real-time perspective.

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Published: 30 Oct 2019

Last updated: 31 Oct 2019

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